Talking Point: Nintendo’s Still Making Them, So What amiibo Do You Still Want To See?

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The best gifts for gamers in 2023

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Frustrated Starfield players say controversial low review scores are justified

Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated new space RPG, was met with lukewarm reviews upon release. Some fans are enraged, believing that the game is being unfairly judged. They point to the game’s many technical glitches and bugs as well as its lack of content as reason why the reviews are justified. However, many players are enjoying … Read more

Starfield Already Has A Funko Pop, And It Is Adorable

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atari launches remastered 2600+ console that can play old cartridges

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This Custom Made Starfield PC Is Just Gorgeous

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Far Cry fans hope surprise source code leak will give ‘new breath’ to an old game

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Star field Will Have Four Romance Options

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Square Enix re-releases Chocobo GP without microtransactions

Square Enix In a refreshing move for the gaming industry, Square Enix, the renowned video game developer and publisher, has recently announced the re-release of Chocolo GP, a popular kart racing game featuring the beloved Final Fantasy mascot, Chocobo. What sets this re-release apart is the absence of microtransactions, a departure from the prevalent trend … Read more